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CSL builders upcoming class schedule

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Welcome to CCI, where your future success is our goal.

Classes are scheduled on the dates shown at various locations.

Class participation is limited, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Students are to maintain a six foot separation from others; wear a mask otherwise.

You can check individual classes immediately by clicking on the "Upcoming Class Schedule" button to your left, accessing the class location page, and clicking on the location for which you have interest.

We will update this site when additional information becomes available.

Once we open we will continue to provide the greatest value for your educational dollar.

Compare our Top Rated G/C Builder's License Course to others. You will see why we are the leader preparing students for the Massachusetts construction supervisor license (MACS) examination.

Our knowledgeable instructors guide you through the learning process, and have been for over 24 years. Our success is proof that our highly trained instructors and constantly updated programs provide the best possible combination of interactive learning for you to prepare to pass the state examination.

The 9th Edition Massachusetts State Building Code is based upon the International Code Council 2015 series codes. It went into went into effect on October 1, 2017.

See our clearance prices on the old code series books in our bookstore.

For more information call 1 (508) 833-5207

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