• CSL Exam Book Bundle 2015 Series for Zoom classes with Tabbed Directories Shipped to Address

This book bundle is for CCI students who are taking an on-line live Zoom class.

This bundle is the 9th Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code. It is to be used on the Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License exam and required to be on the job site when meeting with a building official.

The IECC 2018 is now enforced in Massachusetts, not the IECC 2015. We are incorporating the IECC 2018 in the 2015 book bundle and removing the IECC 2015 from the book bundle

Prometric, the testing agency, states that the Construction Supervisor License Exam questions are based upon the following references and that any edition of the references is allowed in the testing center for your use while taking the Unrestricted Construction Supervisor Exam:

   1. International Building Code 2015 (IBC 2015)

   2. 780 CMR latest edition Massachusetts Amendment for the IBC (Basic/Commercial)  

   3. International Residential Building Code 2015 (IRC 2015)

   4. 780 CMR 51.00 latest edition Massachusetts Residential Code, the Massachusetts Amendment to the IRC  

   5. IECC International Energy Conservation Code 2018

   6. 521CMR, the Architectural Access Board Rules and Regulations

   7. OSHA Title 26, Part 1926

This bundle includes the "Quick Find" chapter directories for both the IBC 2015 and the IRC 2015.  These directories designed to "Quick Find" areas of interest in the code book.  They are heavy duty 8 1/2" x 11", three-hole punched, mylar reinforced, tabbed dividers to separate the  chapters, and sections of the International Building Code (IBC) 2015 loose leaf edition.  Each divider may be used for notes that relate to the area where the divider is located.

If you already have your books, but they are soft bound, DO NOT purchase a loose leaf edition. You may take your softbound editions to Staples, or similar, and have the binding shaved off and three holes punched in them. The 3-ring binder you get for the IBC pages should be at least a four inch binder. Five inch is better, because you may put other references into the binder. The 3-ring binder you get for the IRC pages need not be more than a four inch binder.

Alternately, if you are handy with a saw and drill, you may shave the binding off of the IBC and the IRC, then take a 3/8" sharp paddle bit and drill three holes in the book so that it fits in a three-ring binder. Remember to clamp the soft cover tightly together between a couple of shingles before drilling.

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CSL Exam Book Bundle 2015 Series for Zoom classes with Tabbed Directories Shipped to Address

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