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How CCI Got Started

Three Building Commissioners from uniquely different towns on Cape Cod were attending a seminar in June, 1997. At lunch they shared the concerns they were having with the 6th Edition to the Massachusetts State Building Code. They discussed ways to best work with those concerns.

One of the Commissioners felt that if the recently licensed builders were more knowledgeable in the newly released code, they would be more productive by meeting the requirements of the building code and thus minimizing lost time due to rework and re-inspections. Productive builders save time for understaffed building departments by minimizing re-inspections and plan review time. They shared thoughts on how to help potential licensees get the most out of the code book for their work as well as to the benefit of building departments.

The Commissioners deduced that builders would enhance their capabilities by learning more about the code and how it relates to building, in addition to just learning how to pass an exam.

The Commissioners decided to test their ideas by starting a school for builders which gave builders a greater capacity for achieving their goals while gaining an understanding of the building code. CCI, the Construction Certification Institute, Inc. was then born.

The greatest areas of concern for builders were identified and discussed with recently licensed builders and other Code Officials. Course materials were designed which would focus students on quickly finding information in the building code book. Classes were structured and study techniques were developed for optimizing the transfer of technology. Finally, effective course organizers were assembled to enable students to optimize the use of their time. After over four years of development and refinement, this program assures that those people who complete it will successfully pass the state examination the first time.

Initially CCI began with a single class of ten sessions held at the Cape Cod Regional High School in Harwich. Today more powerful classes with seven information packed sessions are being presented four times a year at classrooms all across Massachusetts, from Pittsfield to Boston and from Haverhill to Harwich.

Only the best of instructors are on CCI's staff. They are trained in transferring the technology to students in simple, but effective ways. Their superior classroom techniques enhance student learning.

Private classes are held for individuals as well as organizations from Maine to North Carolina.

Thanks to the involvement of our students and our dedicated instructors, CCI's programs continue to be refined and revised as new information becomes available.