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We feel great when our students give us feedback on their experiences with us during their course. The feedback goes all over the ballpark, including our materials, our instructors, our classroom facilities, and sometimes on their previous participation with a competitor.

We are delighted to hear from our students, because it is rare for people to take their time to comment on a positive experience. Our instructors work hard to assure the success of their students and this feedback demonstrates the positive experiences students have had with us.

Although we have had thousands of students who have taken our Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License program, we have never received a negative note or letter from any of our students. Negative feedback is very important. It calls out an area or areas of concern that may need improvement or change. Maybe this note will cause students to let us know how they think we can improve.

On the other side of the coin, we have not received thousands of letters testifying to our outstanding program and instructors. The ones we have received all say about the same thing. I passed, great course, great instructor, ...and on and on.

We have taken a few of these words from our students.

Comments added by us, if any, are in [brackets.]

Some of our instructors perfer that their name not be published on the web, due to concerns with being spammed. We, therefore, have put {Instructor} in place of the instructor's name where the student has named a particular instructor.


I passed my test. I just wanted to thank you. I took your course in Pittsfield and had no problem. Your class had prepared me well. William, Peru, MA


I took your course in July , and I passed the test in August . The instructor, {Instructor,} was excellent. Keep on you staff!!! Tom, Natick, MA


Hello, Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in helping me prepare for and PASS the CLS exam. A special thanks goes to {Instructor} for sharing his personal knowledge and experiences with the class. He did a great job providing real-life examples of where and how certain parts of the building code are applied. For me the course was "money well spent"! Thanks again, Brian


Hi {Instructor,}

Just thought I'd give you the good news. I took the Construction test in Brookline today and passed.

I have to tell you the class was well worth it. And helped me bring it home. I felt the tests in class were harder than the actual test which was good, don't change that. You made me look in the book more, how to look and where to look which made the test so much eaier.

Your program method is right on the mark. You are an excellent instructor.

*Thank you very much.*

Former Student,



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