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CCI offers the following course in Massachusetts:

  • CSL107, Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License Exam Preparation Course

    This course takes participants to a new, elevated level in preparation for successful MACS (Massachusetts Construction Supervisor) examination achievement.

    The exam is based in part on the International Building Code 2015 with Massachusetts' amendments, also known as the Basic or Commercial Code; the International Residential Code 2015 with Massachusetts' amendments, also known as the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code and Residential Code; OSHA Title 29, Part 1926; the Architectural Access Board's Rules and Regulations (521 CMR), the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and a general knowledge of the construction industry that is not necessarily found in any of the codebooks.

    Classes meet for three and a half hours, one night a week for seven weeks. Classes begin at 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM, and at 6:00 PM, depending on the location.

    Classes are lead by fully trained, licensed and certified building officials or certified general contractors outside of Massachusetts. Most of whom are currently working for a municipality as a building official, and who have taken the MACS exam to get their licenses. Some of our instructors are licensed professional engineers, degreed engineers, degreed architects, and registered architects.

    At class they show you how to make your books "exam ready" and assemble the International Building Code (IBC) for quick reference. They guide you through over 450 questions, focusing on honing your skills in finding correct answers to these questions quickly, a key to successfully completing the state exam.

    There are no reading assignments. Our Skill Builders drive you through the relevant information you need for success and are discussed at each class by the instructors.

    Our classes are structured so as to simulate the MACS exam experience. In class, students are immersed in questions and answers. At the end of the course, students are so well accustomed to "how it is done", that they walk into the test centers, feeling like they are just in another class with CCI.

    This is because our students are fully prepared for the MACS exam. No other program provides any where near the materials we provide, nor goes to the extent that we do, to assure our students pass the exam and get their license. We encourage students to ask questions and participate in the discussions, although it is not required.

    To further accommodate students, we deliver all of the books and materials they have ordered from CCI to class on the nights they are needed or to an address they request, if taking our virtual classes..

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